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Extreme micro bikini of this page is a see through bikini. The bikini that all body is transparent as for it. And there is the bikini type that some body is transparent with semitransparency. Please spend a stimulating resort life in Aquadress see through bikini. Your see-through bikini are very sexy and attractive.

See-through micro bikini ST304 Transparent swimwear. See-through micro bikini ST305 Transparent swimwear. See-through micro bikini ST307 Transparent swimwear.
See-through bikini / ST304 See-through bikini / ST305 See-through bikini / ST307
See-through micro bikini ST301 Transparent swimwear. See-through micro bikini ST302 Transparent swimwear. See-through micro bikini ST306 Transparent swimwear.
See-through bikini / ST301 See-through bikini / ST302 See-through bikini / ST306

See-through micro bikini

Update on July 1, 2014.
Shopping with aquadress.com of the main shop in Japan became possible this time. New purchase of super-erotic, transparent, see-through micro bikini is possible. In this see-through bikini, it is not excessive transparent too much and moderate sexy a very popular micro bikini.

See-through micro bikini of Princessbikinis.com is micro bikini sensual transparent. How for transparent of See-through micro bikini can enjoy variously changing by the favor. For instance, it is possible to make micro bikinis 50% transparent when see-through micro bikini 100% transparent is produced. This bikini series is thought see-through micro bikini in the subject as for an erotic, lovely design. Will you experience special eroticism and stimulation putting on see-through micro bikini of Aquadress?A beautiful bikini is produced by making good use of the transparent various cloths. It is the best bikini for spending in a graceful beach resort peacefully.