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Micro bikini series which used high-class artificial leather. Although an Aquadress resort exotic swimwear is the area of cloth very small as a bikini, it serves as a design of an elegant, sexy, and cute attractive swimwear. And Aquadress uses various 2way cloth as well as artificial hides. And we suggest a design doing a woman attractively.

micro bikini M644 micro bikini M643 micro bikini M639
Micro bikini M644 Micro bikini M643 Micro bikini M639
micro bikini MF719 micro bikini M611 micro bikini M640
Micro bikini MF719 Micro bikini M640
micro bikini M632 micro bikini MF017 micro bikini MF902
Micro bikini M632 Micro bikini MF017 Micro bikini MF902
micro bikini MF717 micro bikini MF003 micro bikini M614
Micro bikini MF717 Micro bikini MF003 Micro bikini M614
micro bikini MF716 micro bikini MF627 micro bikini M604
Micro bikini MF716 Micro bikini MF627 Micro bikini M604
micro bikini M615 micro bikini M630 micro bikini M603
Micro bikini M615 Micro bikini M630 Micro bikini M603
micro bikini MF035 micro bikini M628 micro bikini M634
Micro bikini MF035 Micro bikini M628 Micro bikini M634
micro bikini M626 micro bikini M609 micro bikini M625
Micro bikini M626 Micro bikini M609 Micro bikini M625
micro bikini M610 micro bikini M620 micro bikini M629
Micro bikini M610 Micro bikini M620 Micro bikini M629
micro bikini M601 micro bikini M608 micro bikini M606
Micro bikini M601 Micro bikini M608 Micro bikini M606

Micro bikini

Update on July 1, 2014.
Shopping in the main shop of Japanese aquadress.com became possible.
Please choose a sexy favorite design from a lot of Micro bikini that is and buy it.

In aquadress.com, it is high-quality and the pretty design micro bikini online shop of the feature.
Small, lovely micro bikini is sexy swimwear in which Aquadress is skillful. We take various ideas and are producing novel, reformative, new micro bikinis. Moreover, this bikini series expresses gloss or paving sexily and feeling of luxury. The leather material of the Aquadress confidence is multiused as the main material in Sexy micro bikini and attractive micro bikini quite different from another manufacturer is produced one after another. Moreover, we are only eroticism, do not exist, and goodness and the elegance of the sense are pursued as sexy micro bikini design. It is sexy micro bikini of Aquadress suited very well for an openhearted southern island and a high-level resort hotel. The bikini of a small design beautifully unexpectedly makes the figure of the promotion charming. You also : please by all means.