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Welcome to princessbikinis.com[Aquadress]
On this page, various important information in connection with the shop of Aquadress is collected.Please click a title and move on to each page.

3D-back and Detail etc

Company name
President Akira Yamada
Section Aquadress international web shop
Location 9F,Edobori center BLD,2-1-1,Edobori,Nishi-ku,Osaka-city,
Osaka,550-0002 JAPAN
Web http://www.princessbikinis.com/
E-mail [ English ]
Phone +81-50-7100-5838 [ Only Japanese language ]
Management 5-10,Kamonden,Kamiueno-cho,Muko-city,Kyoto,
617-0006,JAPAN / Management person:Akira Yamada
Phone +81-75-933-9838
The contents
of operating
An original design, work of swimwear individual for the high quality of its company production, and sale. The bikini for women is mainly designed. A cute, elegant, and sexy swimming suit is made. Highest-class artificial leather made in Japan is mainly used in material.

Notes of handling

Information for using an Aquadress bikini happily.
It is the feature of artificial leather to have a beautiful surface organization.
However, since there is little elasticity of the material itself, if it goes into water, the feeling of wearing which loosened a little may be felt. When I have you wear, and I have you wear by the feeling of wearing of a somewhat strong eye or you go into water, please adjust how to fasten the strap of a bikini again.

Sofrina of main artificial leather is the artificial leather which can be washed. Originally, although artificial leather is not a material by no means strong against a chlorine system, it can be used for a long time by the care after use, and a little consideration.

The care method

-1-It often rinses with fresh water or lukewarm water.
-2-It wraps in a towel and moisture gentle to is taken.
-3-It is made to dry automatically in the shade.

Please deal with it gently in this procedure.

An Aquadress bikini also has the type in which a spangle, a bead, and artificial jewelry are attached to attachment.
In this case, please give me still more polite handling.

Cautions !

Please do not carry out bleaching.
Please do not wash to other things and one clue.
Please divide a bikini with other things and keep it.
Please avoid too much friction.
Since there is fear of discoloration, it is wished neither sunscreen cream nor the cream for suntan adheres.

In addition, if there is a question etc., please ask.

All the shopping methods in Aquadress use the shopping cart currently installed in each goods page. A question and an inquiry are possible also by mail.


If purchase goods are decided, the button of "ADD TO CART" will be pushed.


Next, the delivery zone and country of an article choose. The number on the right-hand side of the name of a country is the postage of EMS for delivery. The currency unit is the Japanese yen [JPY].

Your personal information is filled in.Please perform entry correctly.
The payment method is a credit card.


Credit card transaction is please move on to the following page.Since it goes into a perfect security screen, please input the information about a credit card in comfort.Credit settlement of accounts is a purchase procedure end by completion.


Mail reaches you after completion of purchase procedure.
The contents are the order check mail which indicated the contents of purchase from Aquadress.
Moreover, also in credit card transaction completion, mail arrives.


Next, if dispatch ready order-received goods, you will be contacted by mail.
Please look forward to arrival of a swimming suit.

The payment method is a credit card.

The real-time credit card transaction is adopted in Aquadress. This is the system which transmits the inputted credit card number to a co-branded card company directly, and examines on real time. A visitor's card number is directly transmitted to a co-branded card company without our company by this system, and instancy, since accounts is settled, examination and flowing out outside do not have a visitor's card number. Moreover, since input is safely transmitted using the code technology (digital ID) of the global standard which U.S. VeriSign developed, there is no fear of card information It does not leak to a third person by any means. A visitor can enjoy doing some shopping safely.


A credit card transaction cannot use free mail because of safe reservation of dealings. Please use your main mail.

When the first time purchase price exceeds 100000 JPY, payment by the credit card cannot be performed. In this case, a bank is used. It becomes the remittance in the Japanese yen[JPY].

In bank transfer, please contact us first.


It is transfer in Japanese currency[yen/JPY].
A buyer needs to pay a remittance charge.

The bank transfer place of Aquadress is as follows.

International bank account number.

Bank name : The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.
Brunch : Hankyu umeda kita
Saving account : 145
No. : 5206087
Name : Yamada Akira

Bank Address :

The order of the 2nd henceforth can be freely obtained using a credit card transaction. Moreover, when a one-time order price is the high amount of money, it becomes bank transfer in Japanese yen. Moreover, in the case of a credit card transaction, it investigates in order to prevent injustice. Please give me an understanding.



The credit card which can be used


Only the aquadress original which designed minutely for aquadress itself and was made carefully is equipped with the trademark of aquadress. This trademark is expression of our self, pride, and responsibility.

The trademark became a tag made from silicone and all the swimming suits of our company are equipped with it.


The package of goods is lightweight and is the porch of the vinyl in which re-use is possible equipped with the fastener.

Shipping and handling
About a customs duty and Value-added tax

Explanation from an order received to dispatch.

The work method of the bikini of Aquadress is order-received production. It is because a buyer's hope is designed. Creation time is about two weeks. If dispatch preparation of an order article is completed, the mail of article dispatch guidance will be sent to you. Actual dispatch uses "EMS international speed mail."

The area which can be shipped, a country.

The area which can be delivered is the area and country of 121 of the world which can use "EMS= international speed mail."

Expense for shipment.

Our company uses cheapest "EMS= international speed mail" in the method of delivering from Japan to overseas.This is the conscience price of our company.Moreover, the large sum delivery charge money is 1700JPY [About 16 USD].

Time until it arrives from shipment.

13-digit an "EMS number" is connected to you by mail at the time of shipment. Pursuit of a load is possible by this number.


Although time until it arrives by the delivery area changes, it is long and is one week.

Customs duty and taxes.

There is that a tax is imposed to an import in some countries of a destination. It is duty that a buyer pays this taxation. Please ask the organization of your own country the more anxious one before an order to taxation.

Duty-free procedure is omitted in our company. Please understand the situation.

About exchange, returned goods, and refund.

Fundamentally, returned goods and exchange, and payment are not performed. It is because the goods of Aquadress are the custom-made maids who make an orderer's hope. At the time of an order, please see a size table and customize design details well, and place an order for them. Since especially the size table has indicated the actual size numerically, please make it the reference at the time of purchase.

However, when the article which we sent to your basis is wrong, and arrives or it is damaged, returned-goods payment and goods exchange are possible.In this case, please contact us with mail within two weeks after article arrival. The subsequent procedure method is connected. The expense concerning exchange returned goods is the burden of our company.

In Aquadress, disclose information, such as personal information of the customer who purchased goods, and a mail address of those who have asked our company again, and it is not opened to third persons other than our company. Moreover, in our company, storage management of these important information is carried out carefully. A future customer's convenience is considered to the customer who purchased in our company, and mail of irregular distribution is sent. The contents are guidance of new goods introduction of the homepage of our company, or event relation. Since a storage management is safely performed about customer information and privacy, please enjoy shopping in Aquadress in comfort.

Please read explanation of each page carefully before accessing and using it for this site. Please do not receive, and when you do not agree to defend conditions stubbornly, do not access. Moreover, please do not purchase goods. When goods are ordered from our company, it means agreeing on all conditions.

Management of this site and management have observed the law of Japan. All disputes, such as goods purchase, and dispute use the court in Osaka or Kyoto in Japan.Please use Aquadress after agreeing all. Since Japanese is translated into English, please also consent not to be perfect English.

Please order you after having agreed to all mentioned above.