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Princessbikinis is a special bikini brand that allows you to customize the world's only bikini design to your liking.
For example, the bra top has 10 designs. The bottoms front has 10 designs.
The bottoms back can be chosen from 5 designs.
Have fun making bikini of your dreams.

Currently, 8% Japanese consumption tax is free campaign.
International EMS mail is used for delivery from Japan to overseas.
The shipping fee is 5000 yen, a flat rate around the world.

It is now in a special campaign with 8% consumption tax.
The super-luxury “micro bikini” brand “princessbikinis.com” is a beautiful costume made in Japan. Princess Bikini is the only ultra-high-end bikini brand in the world where you can freely customize your favorite sexy and cute swimsuit and erotic extreme swimsuit designs. The production of bikini at Princessbikinis.com is a high quality and famous Japanese aquad. Delivered from Japan to the world by international EMS mail.


Sexy swimwear @ Princessbikinis.com by Aquadress

Sexy bikinis @ princessbikinis.com is an unusual customizing swimwear brand also in the world. This Aquadress English site is classified into the design of seven sexy swimwear. The bikini of Aquadress makes sexy a concept elegant, lovely, and pungently. We want to tell you the happiness of the Nippon Made Bikinis.

Princessbikinis.com / Sexy micro bikinis
The sexy bikini series is cute, sexy, small, lovely swimwear. This sexy bikini can customize various designs by the favor. Please customize your favorite sexy micro bikini and dress happily on the beach. The bikini design of Aquadress attractively transforms you.

Princessbikinis.com / Extreme super mini micro bikinis
Extreme super mini bikini is a bikini type that is smaller and sexier than extreme swimwear. In the mini extreme super minimum bikini of Aquadress, it is good at expression of not only sexily but also elegance. Please spend the luxurious life in the beach and the pool of resort. Extreme super mini bikini
It will be transformed to you a sexy, attractive mermaid.

Princessbikinis.com / Exotic teardrop micro bikinis
Exotic teardrop sexy bikini is a design of "Dripping of tears". It is a super-sexy micro bikini design that fits gallanting to ladies and beautifully. Moreover, it is a sensual, pungent mini bikini design. Holiday in secret resort and uninhabited island. The resort of Caribbean Sea and Asia is suited.

Princessbikinis.com / Nudy micro bikinis
Nudy sexy bikini of Aquadress is the most extreme, beautiful micro bikini. A translucent silicon strap is used for the string. The rear style of nudy sexy swimwear is like nakedness. It is an appearance that is more beautiful and cuter than the nakedness.You also must experience super-pungent Nudy sexy mini bikini of the Aquadress design.

Princessbikinis.com / See-through micro bikinis
See-through bikini of Aquadress is sexy and an elegant translucent swimsuits. This see-through bikini is a very extreme bikini design. Moreover, customizing that installs the lining is also possible.See-through mini bikini suits a high-level resort on the southern island and a private pool. Please experience by all means.

Princessbikinis.com / Oriental micro bikinis
This bikini is oriental sexy bikini series that expressed beauty in the Orient. The image of a mysterious, attractive Orient was made a cute, lovely bikini. An interesting material by which the cloth used also associates Asia is used. Will you also experience the Orient?

Princessbikinis.com / Luxury micro bikinis
The luxury minimum bikini series of Aquadress uses and produces an artificial suede and various materials of the highest class. It is high-level luxury micro bikini that can be elegantly dressed by various situations.The cloth used of Luxury micni bikini uses a high-level stretch cloth besides the artificial suede of the highest quality. You also must dress up in resort putting on luxury swimwear with feeling of luxury. Every day is happy.

Minimum bikinis and extreme bikini and Diamond bikinis.

Princessbikinis.com is nine years from birth in this year. I announce cute microbikini and extreme bikini with much sexy from to this. Aquadress is a design of the swimwear which particularly original Nudy micro is original super sexy of Aquadress, and is sensual. The Nudy type is very popular. In addition, the men's bikini of Aquadress starts sale this time, too. Please realize the pleasant feeling of a men's bikini made by leather.

The highest grade bikini of Aquadress is used habitually in beach resorts of the world. The super mini bikini is in particular popular among celebrities in the Caribbean Sea or the Maldives. A bikini of Aquadress is the bikini that there is not it only with sexy, and beauty and elegance were evaluated. Please spend a quiet resort wearing a small swimwear elegantly.

Super extreme exotic sexy swimwear and super mini bikini. The micro bikini of Aquadress is an attractive sexy bikini for dressing up in a resort. An elegance and a high-class feeling are valued and the sexy swimwear of a stimulative and sensuous design is made. The lady who wears beautiful sexy extreme mini bikini is Venus.